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When we built our home in 2004, Bill installed our geothermal system as well as our plumbing. The copper installation is nothing short of artwork! It was clean and precise. He even recommended and installed a hot water loop that provides us nearly instant hot water at the faucets that are not close to the water heater.

At our previous residence, we had a geothermal system that was installed by another company. The difference is like night and day. Bill did a superb job of designing and installing our present system and “tweaking” it to get top performance. We could not be happier with the result. Our temperatures never vary, and there are no cold/hot zones. He did what he said he would do – a rarity in today’s world. Great work!

Winchester, KY

Bill designed a geothermal system to replace my old baseboard heaters and window air conditioning. My children and grandchildren are so happy now when they come home to visit. My house is always comfortable. He really went the extra mile for me. Thanks Bill!!

Annette Beck
Winchester, KY

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